1. What is PointsFeeds?
  2. What information does PointsFeeds provide?
  3. Why use PointsFeeds?
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PointsFeeds Guide

We all know doing research before you book can make a whole lot of difference in how enjoyable your trip will be. However, wading through dozens of websites and reviews to find the perfect flight experience and holiday destination can be a frustrating and annoying task. To help you with that, we’re proud to announce Pointimize’s brand new feature - PointFeeds. If you don’t want to end up spending more time searching and comparing deals than the time spent on your holiday, this new feature is something you’re going to love.

What is PointsFeeds?

To summarize, it’s a tool that provides you with the most authentic and up-to-date information with insights from experts on hotels and flights.

Think of it as a new way to guide you through trip planning – authentic and professional reviews on hotels, lounges as well as exclusive and detailed pictures from first class. In addition, Pointimize’s PointsFeeds will display the latest airline and hotel news regarding the best deals, and provide up-to-date changes to loyalty programs and hotel perks. We accumulate the must-know information on award deals for your upcoming trip and ensure that you stay informed on the constant changes within the Points Game. Here is an example of how things are presented on Pointimize’s PointsFeeds System:


What information does PointsFeeds provide?

Typical crowd-sourced reviews can sometimes be either over-the-top or downright nasty, which only makes planning a trip even more challenging. As a result, our team inspects every news article and filters out misleading and biased information to provide you with the most legitimate and authentic must-knows for your journey. To break down what is provided: the latest News on hotels and airlines; Promotions that match your elite status and loyalty program; Reviews of hotels, flights and lounges with properly formatted and well-researched information and insights.


Why use PointsFeeds?

We have currently teamed up with Points to Be Made, Modhop, Pointshogger and other influential bloggers that we plan to present you soon. We follow the most passionate bloggers and writers that have a professional background in hospitality or the Points Game. They are well-travelled critics who pay the utmost attention to the little details, from the touch of the carpet, the breakfast set, the on-site amenities, the furnishing in the room to the value per point spent on the property. Posts often come with detailed pictures and well-researched info that reflect the most authentic experience that no advertisement can replicate.

Most importantly, those bloggers are also frequent flyers and points pros who know how to make the best use of credit card deals and loyalty programs for your hard-earned miles and points. With their experience and suggestions, this is your chance to win big and save even more on hotel and flight deals!


Exclusive pictures of Hors d'oeuvres on Japan Airline’s First class

Ready to take the leap? It’s a never-before-seen tool for the Points Game that is extremely easy to use. Take a look at how much you can save and please tell us what do you like to see next in PointsFeeds. We are counting on you to make your next pointimize experience better.

PointsFeeds Partnership

If you would like to share your posts on our website and extend your reader reach, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or contact@pointimize.com. Until then, stay tuned for our next update on another awesome new feature!


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